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Erez Abramov, inventor and developer of the EZRAIDER, is a well-known figure in the Israeli motor-sport arena, having created and raced some of the most innovative and award-winning buggies in Israel.

However, the story of the EZRAIDER begins long before Erez ever built his first buggy – it began with a childhood dream.

Born in rural Israel, Erez spent his childhood working on the family farm- landscaping, digging, hauling, mowing, navigating with heavy duty machinery and tractors – fixing them when necessary – in addition to his other farm chores.

During his childhood, skateboarding was the brand-new thing almost every child dreamed of, but with no paved roads in proximity, it was only a distant dream for young Erez, a dream he would cherish and pursue later in life.

This dream led to the development of a vehicle that could surf the off-road, rural landscape like a large self-propelled skateboard (just like he imagined for all of those years!) – the EZRAIDER.


Erez eventually realized he had something quite unique and valuable and recruited others to help start a business to produce and sell these new vehicles – initially for military use in the field. He partnered with acclaimed Israeli Air Force General and experienced businessman Miki Bar to launch DS Raider in 2017.

In early 2018, the very first orders of EZRAIDER were delivered to the Israeli Military, or IDF.

It did not take long to realize that while this new technology platform had the potential to permanently change the face of military conflict on the ground, its biggest value was to be spread to the world’s consumer markets as a new mode of transportation that would help protect the environment with its all-electric, low-weight design. The versatility of the vehicle was shocking even to the inventor himself as people quickly started figuring out new uses for EZRAIDER across incredibly diverse sectors.


EZRAIDER quickly started selling to Israeli tour companies and other private interests as well as getting attention from overseas.

In 2019, Mozy Azarzar – former Israeli Special Forces, US businessman and outdoor toy enthusiast – learned about EZRAIDER and had to have one. After riding his new HD4 he decided he had the ultimate new mobility device in his garage and was determined to mass-market them in the US. He quickly proposed a distribution agreement with DS Raider and the first containers were shipped to Mozy’s new EZ Raider US company in the fall of 2019.

Over time, Miki and Mozy developed a strong relationship and eventually decided it was the best approach to create a global partnership under a publicly traded US company.

Thus, from the passion and brilliance for invention and the building of amazing friendships, EZRAIDER GLOBAL was born in 2021, ready to take the world’s micromobility markets by storm!


EZRAIDER (trading under the symbol EZRG) is now being sold around the world to both government and private sector customers alike. Current customer interest is outpacing inventory (we’re barely even marketing yet!) and we are racing to build new regional production facilities on multiple continents to meet this incredible demand.

From farmer to urban commuter, business, governments, and people from all walks of life are all seeing how EZRAIDER can change the way they ride. Interest in our technology is growing rapidly and early adopters are having a blast being the first in their area to show off this new tech to the world.


Once launching US operations, it didn’t take us long to realize that the insane growth of the world’s micromobility markets combined with the inertia of legacy vehicle manufacturers meant that the future of personalized mobility is wide open.

Tesla and other companies in the car markets, for example, have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that legacy car manufacturers were fully planning to keep vehicle technology fossil-fuel-centered indefinitely, holding onto their legacy technology platforms for as long as possible. But their obstinance gave Tesla years of unfettered market development and sales to leapfrog their old, dirty, fossil-fuel technology – and then aggressively start eating their market share.

We kinda like that story …



EZRAIDER first-gen vehicles are revolutionary in their approach to mobility. You can look through our website and see how many different needs we are already serving with our tech. Imagine what will come from EZRAIDER in the coming years as we develop new models, new uses, new accessories, and a new cultural phenomenon in mobility.

We grow with time

  • April 2017 – DS Raider established in Israel
  • March 2018 – First order received from Israeli Defense Forces
  • October 2018 – Israeli Ministry of Transportation Vehicle manufacturing license
  • December 2018 – Product launch in Israeli Market
  • March 2019 – Production Line set up – Flex
  • July 2019 – European Market launch
  • Q3 2019 – Us Market launch
  • June 2020 – GSA code in US Military catalogue
  • March 2020 – First sales to US Army
  • September 2020 – Autonomous vehicle introduction
  • Q4 2020 – EZRAIDER Global is formed near Seattle, WA, USA
  • February 2021 – EZRAIDER Global signs deal to acquire DS Raider
  • Q3 2021 – EZRAIDER Global goes public via RTO (Stock Symbol – EZRG)


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