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EZRAIDER for farm and field

Lightweight, versatile and capable of remote-control operation, EZRaider offers new safety and worker efficiencies to farms of any size. Workers can seamlessly hop on and off of while tending to crops or infrastructure while eliminating noise and pollution.

EZRaider’s low weight prevents soil compaction and its narrow profile gives farmers the options to use more land for crops and less land for pathways.
New agricultural uses are regularly being developed for EZRaider. Contact us with your ideas and individual needs and we will be glad to work with you to design the EZRaider design and combination that will work for you.

Upgrade your efficiency

EZRaider can transform the work efficiencies on farm, field, orchards and vineyards alike.  Our highly-versatile platform can be accessorized for almost any purpose.  The thing that makes it so great for workers is the way they can effortlessly mount and dismount without having to get into a seat or start any engine.

When combined with an E-cart, EZRaider can haul over 500 lbs of gear in addition to the rider.  The vehicles and trailers alike can be modified to meet the needs of the users.  This allows workers to use one platform for a wide variety of purposes, switching out accessories and tools as needed.

Who knows, maybe EZRaider would even be great for herding cows and sheep?


Remote Control Operation

EZRaider can be combined with a robotics accessory that allows for remote control of the vehicle.  It can also be combined with sprayers and other attachments.   Imagine being able to spray your apple orchards or get fertilizer to your grapes remotely without exposing any workers to dangerous chemicals.

You can see more by checking out our video of the autonomous EZRaider as well as the agritourism video.

The right tool for the job

  • EZRaider is a vehicle platform that can be accessorized for a wide variety of uses
  • Safe and stable for workers
  • Easy mount and dismount functionality
  • Plenty of options for gear and supplies
  • Lightweight design protects soil health
  • Fast and capable for easy access to the whole farm
  • Great for facility maintenance
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