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Existing Retail Establishments

Existing retailers can add to the excitement on their showroom floor with our vehicles and accessories by becoming an authorized dealer in your area.  The world is switching to electric mobility and we can help you leapfrog your competition.

Affiliate Sales Reps

Anyone who rides an EZRAIDER knows it is a head turner and gets tons of attention from the public.  We want to monetize this for you!  Any existing EZRAIDER customer can establish an account on the EZRAIDER website as their own personal sales portal.  If you make a sale, you get a commission check and never have to touch the products!  We will ship directly to the customer. There are no fees or minimums to sign up for this program.  Just apply on our site, get your own portal, then make sales if/when you feel like with no pressure and no strings attached, just straight commission on any sales you make from attention you generate when riding your EZRAIDER .  Individuals as well as businesses can qualify for this program.

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