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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Electric ATV

People who love being outside in the spring and summer often love riding All Terrain Vehicles at some point in the season. When it comes to ATVs, it is very important to know what you are investing in.

In this guide, we will try our best to give you expert tips on how to choose the perfect electric ATV. You’ll learn the difference between gas and electric as well as what other types are available and finally our top recommendation.

Types of ATVs

  • There are many different types of ATVs - from sports to utility, and high-performance vehicles, you need to know the different kinds to make the best out of the experience.

Utility ATVs are not really meant for customers who prefer riding for fun because these are designed to be used for carrying objects, hunting or working.

  • So if you are looking for an All-Terrain Vehicle to have fun on the road with, then look for sports or high-performance vehicles.

Sports ATVs are smaller in size and lighter in weight, making them perfect for taking out for a ride. High-performance all-terrain vehicles such as the EZRaider usually have powerful engines, better suspension, and are commonly used by people who love to race.

  • These ATVs can be ridden on various terrains including woods trails, mountains, sand dunes and more.

Finally, there are kids ATVs which are great for children who are just getting into the sport. These ATVs have limited power and speed and they are easier to control.

The Engine Power of ATVs

  • Not every vehicle is created equal. In simpler terms, if you are looking for the fastest vehicle on the market or the most powerful, it really doesn’t mean that you are prepared for it. When you go out to buy one it is very important to consider the engine power.

If you are skilled with such vehicles, then you can find an engine that matches your skill level. It will require a lot of skill to handle a high-performance ATV so make sure you know what you are buying.

Electric vs. Gas ATVs

  • Electric variants are usually less expensive to maintain compared to gas variants. There is only one drawback with Electric ATVs - they tend to be less powerful. However, if you are investing in the EZRaider ATV, you’ll be pleased to know that it is one of the most powerful electric ATVs out there that supersede some of the best gas-powered vehicles.

Gas variants are very loud and may not be suitable for many people especially if you are riding in populated areas. So if you are looking for a high-speed ATV that doesn’t produce as much sound and is easy to maintain, then invest in the high-performance electric ATV such as the EZRaider HD4 series.

Why EZRaider?

  • In 1990, pursuing his dream for Skateboarding and his acquired love for extreme motorsports, Erez built the very first prototype of what would later become the "EZRaider"; a large board - very much the size and look of a surfboard, with a 2 stroke motorcycle engine, large wheels, and a handlebar for stabilization - an inspiration he got from the jet ski. The steering itself was through shifting one's body weight on the board from side to side - like a skateboard.

He kept testing and improving… though it did not look perfect, it had great off-road capabilities, exhilarating handling and was tremendous fun to ride at fast speeds through the rural terrains.

  • Between 2002-2006, Erez developed and built the "RAIDER" - 1UZ V8 Toyota engine, multi-link suspension system... the unique RWD buggy was specifically designed for the Dakar Rally, stretching the Dakar regulations to their limits. The RAIDER was designed for driving at a constant pace and was very different from the previously designed super-fast, and extremely agile buggy.

Since the Dakar regulations allowed for up to three riders, Erez designed the buggy to take advantage of this, placing the driver's seat in the middle, higher than the other two side seats - allowing for better terrain reading and handling.

  • In order to compensate for the higher center of gravity caused by the driver's elevated seat, Erez placed two fuel tanks 140 Liter / 37 Gallons each - at the bottom of the buggy instead of the rear as was the norm, lowering its center of gravity.

With a long wheelbase for better handling, Erez designed the skid plate like an ice breaker ship - to cut through the sand dunes ...