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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Riding An Electric ATV

Regardless of whether you are riding an electric ATV for the first time, or you’ve had your share of riding in the wild for some time, there are certain mistakes to avoid when riding an electric ATV to protect yourself from an accident.

Here are 5 such common mistakes that end up in misfortune. Try your best to prepare ahead of the ride and avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Not Wearing Protective Gear While Riding

  • There is a reason why every electric ATV manufacturer, including EZRaider, recommends wearing protective gear before getting on an ATV and riding it away. You and your friends should refrain from riding when you are not wearing a helmet and other necessary protective gear like gloves, boots, and goggles.

Remember that your entire body is at significant risk when you are outside on rough terrain at high speeds. Without wearing protective gear, you are open to all sorts of dangers. For instance, if you somehow lose control of your vehicle, it can overturn and you are going to get badly injured.

  • Therefore, make sure you are well protected before you ride your ATV.

Going Too Fast Too Soon

  • This is one of the most common mistakes new ATV riders make. While it is quite fun and thrilling to experiment with different things with your ATV, including going at high speeds, it is unwise to go fast.

This is extremely important if you are inexperienced in riding an ATV. When you increase the speed of an ATV beyond your control, you can easily lose control of the vehicle and this could be extremely dangerous, to the point that it can be life-threatening. So take things slow and keep a steady pace until you get used to an ATV.

Getting The Wrong Size ATV

  • ATV comes in all shapes and sizes and some are quite powerful in terms of speed. It is extremely important to get yourself an electric ATV that you can easily control according to your body and skill.

Since riding an ATV is very different from riding a typical vehicle on the road, it is usually recommended to start with a lower-end model and then make your way to the top. For instance, EZRaider has three variants, the LW, HD and the HD2. Each of these variants has its own set of features and performance levels.

  • If you are a beginner, it is recommended you get the EZRaider LW to start with.

Overloading Your ATV

  • Even though ATVs are designed to offer maximum performance and are meant to be used for tough tasks and high-speed offroading, never overload your ATV. Never ride an ATV like the EZRaider with another person.

Some ATVs are designed to be operated by a single individual and the owner must make sure he keeps it that way. Additionally, keep the weight of your equipment to bare minimum when you are riding on tough terrain.

Maintain Your ATV

  • An ATV is just like any other vehicle and requires regular maintenance. Make sure you regularly check the breaks, handlebar grips, battery, and other important components of the ATV before you take it out for a ride.

This is especially important if your ATV has been lying in your garage for an entire season. Before you go out, make sure everything is in working condition. Repair or replace the parts that malfunction.

Ready to Buy an Electric ATV?

If you’re thinking of buying an ATV and you feel that you are ready to tackle this unique vehicle, then check out the EZRaider LW, HD, and HD2 variants. These high-performance, one of a kind All Terrain Vehicles will surely impress you with their feature set as well as versatility.