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5 Tips For Maintaining Your High-Performance Electric ATV

During the summer, a lot of people tend to get their ATV out of their garage and head out for some off-roading fun. But of course, by that time, you probably haven’t driven your electric ATV for at least five months, so you are going to take a few minutes to get used to it again.

This is also the perfect time and opportunity to see if your ATV is in good health. From considerations of hardware condition to safety measures, simple corrections to comfort, and regular maintenance should be on the top of your list.

Here are 5 tips for maintaining your electric ATV so you can enjoy your ride safely during the summers!

Check The Fluid Levels of Your ATV

  • This may sound like your typical car maintenance routine but luckily, checking for liquids on an ATV is a very simple task. Simply untwist the caps to check coolants and different fluid levels in your ATV.

Even if the ATV is relatively new, you should still check the fluid levels to ensure maximum performance and safety.

  • Keeping all the fluids topped up will keep your vehicle from being damaged and will save you a lot of time and effort and quite possibly help you stay safe on the road, so make sure to check the liquids every once in a while before heading out.

Sometimes it is also a good idea to drain these liquids and replace them with new ones. It all depends on the type and make of your ATV. Check the manual to see how frequently the liquids must be changed for a perfect ride.

Pay Close Attention to the Battery

  • If you’re a lucky owner of the EZRaider LW high-performance electric ATV, then you should pay close attention to the battery of your ATV. Typically the battery will do you fine to go through the entire season of spring, summer, and fall. It will keep charging itself while you go out.

However, when you park your ATV in your garage and wait for the winter to go away, the battery may become a problem. It is a good idea to follow a few maintenance steps to see if the battery is still working in good condition after the cold spell has ended.

  • You can do this by removing the battery entirely from your ATV and cleaning its terminals. This can be done by mixing a bit of baking soda with warm water and cleaning thoroughly. Most experts say that a can of Coca Cola does a good job as well.

Battery terminals can easily become heavily corroded over time so cleaning them is very important to make sure you do not run out of power when you are out in the wild. Keep in mind that the battery can easily drain out when you leave the ATV unattended for a couple of months. If possible, considering investing in a new battery if your current isn’t performing as it should be.

Check The Handlebar Grips

  • If you are using an ATV to ride in the wild and race around with other folks, it is a good idea to secure your handlebars as often as possible. With that away, make sure your handlebars are always secure before going on a ride.

Certain grips can become loose after regular use regardless of how good condition they came in. If you are an owner of EZRaider HD2, then you can also consider upgrading your grips by investing in ATV accessories.

Check The Air Pressure in Tires

  • If you want maximum control of your high-performance electric ATV while you ride it on tough terrain, make sure the air pressure in the tires is optimal. You can easily check the air pressure of your ATV by taking it to a tire shop or investing in an air pump at home.

The front tires need to be always well inflated but make sure that the rear ones also have sufficient air pressure.

With these tips in mind, keep your ATV regularly maintained to ensure the safety and performance of your all-terrain vehicle.