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EZRaider Vs. Traditional ATV 3 Year Cost Comparison

EZRaider is one of the newest and most unique electric ATVs to come out recently. There’s really nothing like it in the saturated marketplace of ATVs. It is a long-range electric ATV that offers 25-50 miles per charge meaning that you will never have to worry about running out of juice mid-ride.

Moreover, it only takes 4 hours to fully charge EZRaider to maximum capacity and you are ready to go again. With a low maintenance rating and a self-contained system, it means low overall cost in the long-term.

Speaking of cost, the price of EZRaider, retailing from $9,500 has often been the topic of debate among ATV enthusiasts. In this post, we will stack this unique high-performing vehicle with traditional ATVs under a 3-year cost comparison to show you why EZRaider, in the long-term, actually saves you more money.

3 Year Cost Comparison of EZRaider Vs. Other ATVs

Being an electric vehicle at its core, it is not only emission-free but also a low maintenance vehicle. With no gas to worry about, there’s really no fuel costs attached to the vehicle. Here’s how the EZRaider stacks against typical ATVs in the marketplace when it comes to initial cost and overall cost in 3 years.

3 Year Cost of an EZRaider

  • EZRaider retail price - $9,500
  • 3 Year Fuel Cost - $0
  • Estimated Resale Value After 3 Years - $3,500
  • Total maintenance and fuel costs in 3 years - $2,500
  • Total cost in 3 years - $7,000

3 Year Cost of Traditional ATV

  • Retail price - $5,500
  • 3 Year Fuel Cost - $3,000
  • Resale Value - $500
  • Total Maintenance and Fuel Costs - $6,500
  • Total Cost - $11,500

From the comparison above, you can see why in the long-term EZRaider will save you tons of money on maintenance and fuel costs. With a resale value higher than most other traditional ATVs out there, you can buy with confidence.

EZRaider Features

The unique ATV has some of the best industry features in a single package. Here is just an overview of what you’ll get when you buy an EZRaider LW, HD2, or HD4.

  • Engine. 2 big brush-less engines that have a combined power of up-to 9,000W
  • Battery. Super high-quality lithium-ion battery (60V - 1740V) with an advanced battery management system.
  • Chassis. Super lightweight chassis to power ratio, powerful steel, and extremely tough tubular structure gives you superior handling, agility, and maximum reliability.
  • Controller. Super responsive and dedicated superior quality sine-wave controller for both engines gives you massive over protection for the battery, motor, and the controller itself.
  • High-quality. Built to survive on the toughest of terrains. Extremely low susceptibility to mechanical wear and tear due to the highest quality parts used in the construction of the vehicle. This results in low-maintenance in the long-run.
  • Charge. Gives up to 31 miles on a single charge and fully charges in just 4 hours.
  • Brakes - Super powerful hydraulic brake discs on each wheel give you energy regenerative breaks and dual-piston calipers for precision braking and maximum safety.

The EZRaider is now available with a single seat. It can be shipped to your delivery location within 48 hours anywhere in the U.S.

Not convinced yet? Why not take EZRaider for a test drive? Fill this form and give us a shout out and we’ll tell you where and when you can come and test the vehicle yourself.