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How to Maintain Your Electric Scooter In Simple Steps

Electric scooters grew in popularity among kids, teens and adults alike. They are usually used for commuting from one place to another, however, some people use them for more extreme purposes such as off-roading and racing.

However you use your electric scooter, it is very important to understand how to keep them maintained. Every scooter has different prices and features. If you have a high-performance scooter for off-roading or racing such as the EZRaider, then you need to be extra mindful of its maintenance.

Here are some simple steps to keep your scooter well maintained and in working condition at all times.

Checking Temperature

  • Temperature is very important for your scooter. Since electric scooters run on batteries, it is important to know how electric current is performing. Most scooters use lithium batteries which are designed to maintain the temperature of the scooter.

Typically, extreme cold or hot weather may cause the battery of the scooter to under-perform. A lot of research has proven that keeping the battery at under 80 degrees is a good environment for a battery that lasts long.

  • During use, make sure that your battery is not over-heating. Also, try to keep your electric scooter away from extreme heating sources in the summers.

Check the Brakes

  • The scooter has to have top-notch brakes so that if you have to stop, it should stop immediately. This is especially true for high-performing scooters that have a very high top speed. Scooters have different kinds of brakes ranging from disc brakes to forced brakes.

Before you buy a scooter, it is a very good idea to know what kind of brakes are used. Read the instructional manual of the scooter and check the braking system at all times. Tighten the braking cables so you can always stop the scooter on time.

  • You can also replace the brake pads or disks if you suspect that they have worn out. Generally, checking your brakes before going on a long route or off-roading is a very good idea.

Maintaining Tires

  • Tires are a very important part of an electric scooter. Tires single handily separate you from the ground therefore, you should always make sure that the tires are working in good condition. A scooter that has good tires will always guarantee your safety.

Before you start the maintenance, consult the user manual of your scooter. Every EZRaider scooter and other scooters come with one. The manual will help you understand the dynamics of the scooter and the type of tires it is using.

  • You will also know how much air pressure needs to be maintained within the tires depending on the type of scooter you have. The amount of air a tire needs always depends on the sidewall, if you suspect that you are refilling your tire with air more often than required, it could be a puncture. Therefore it is very important to check the tires for such conditions especially when you are going for a race or off-roading trip.

Easy Maintenance Scooters

Electric scooters are usually very hard to maintain especially if they are a high performing scooter such as the EZRaider. If you want to make sure that your safety is always guaranteed, buy a scooter that is easy to maintain.

Thankfully, all the EZRaider high performing electric scooters come with an instructional manual that gives you the right tools and knowledge to maintain your scooter whenever it is needed. Avoid buying high-performing scooters from manufacturers that are not reputable.

EZRaider scooters are made by one of the finest companies in America who treat safety as one of their top concerns. Moreover, you can upgrade your scooter with a host of EZRaider Accessories for a personalized experience.