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EZ Raider HD2
EZ Raider HD2
EZ Raider HD2
EZ Raider HD2

EZ Raider HD2

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Length 165cm/65"
Width 70cm/27.5"
Height 130cm/51"
Height Folded 70cm/27.5"
Estimated Dry Weight 110kg/242lb
Payload 175kg/386lb
Ground Clearance 21.4cm/8.4"
Approach Degree 90
Departure Degree 90
Tires * AT 20 X 6 -10
*Interchangeable AT 120 X 90-10

Make your Choice!

If what you want...
is a super engaging off-road machine where the only limitation is YOU...

A machine with so much power and agility you can take on any obstacle fearlessly, generating endless drifts and all the fun only RWD can provide...

And what you need … is a heavy-duty utility vehicle able to work under extreme working conditions of heat, longer travel distance on a single charge, additional Power port for range-extension to fit your needs, and Control port, able to connect to an e-trailer carrying extreme weights, opening a wide range of applications and more efficacy...

A machine so fit - you will tire with a grin of satisfaction way before it ever does...

Want to enjoy both worlds of agility and Heavy-Duty?
Then the EZRAIDER HD2 is the right choice for YOU!

​It will change your game!