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Let’s face it. Many existing mobility scooters are utterly lacking in the rugged and exciting department. EZRAIDER turns that paradigm on its head.  

Our vehicle can give people unprecedented new access to the outdoors – beaches, trails, fields gravel roads and more.   

The stability of EZRAIDER’s 4-wheel platform, combined with the range of its lithium-ion battery, are ideal for traveling away from home.  Tow-behind carts give the option to include up to 550 lbs of cargo capacity.  Pretty cool for a ride that can also fit through your front door.   

Support all needs

We aim to support the very diverse needs of our customers.  While some riders may prefer using EZRAIDER with no modifications, others need something slower with specialized configurations.   

Our first-generation vehicles and accessories can already be customized to alter the programming of the speed and power as well as the tightening of the suspension.   

Contact one of our sales specialists to learn more about options available for your personal mobility needs.   

Stable and secure

While our current line of products and modifications are impressive, we are not about to start resting on our laurels here at EZ HQ.  We are working diligently on the development of new EZRAIDER tech to continue offering new modifications and accessories that support a wider array of personal mobility needs.   

EZRAIDER’s low center of gravity and proprietary suspension system create a new paradigm in dynamic stability.  Our platform is sure to generate many years of discovery and invention of new personal mobility solutions.   


  • Safely access new terrain 
  • Enhanced range and versatility 
  • Modifications available  
  • Customizable mobility platform  
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