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Fires can be unpredictable and fighting them involves the need to move personnel and equipment rapidly to various locations.  Whether in the city or forest, EZRAIDER can get the job done.  EZRAIDER remote control accessory can even allow for the delivery of equipment to dangerous spots without putting additional personnel at risk.

Forest Fires

EZRAIDER silence and versatility help personnel remain flexible, mobile and aware of their surroundings. Our E-cart can be modified with a stretcher and hundreds of pounds of gear for rescue missions.

The narrow profile combined with rugged suspension and powerful motors give access to hard-to-reach areas and can easily ride on-road or off-road as needed in the moment. This makes EZRAIDER ideal for scouting and recon operations where cars and trucks can’t go.

Urban Firefighting

Timing and access can mean life and death when a building is on fire and people are in danger. EZRAIDER profile allows it to fit through any doorway and narrow pathway while also carrying hundreds of pounds of gear. THE HD4 can even go straight up and down stairs!

EZRAIDER is available anytime to talk with any department about your specific transport needs. We can customize our vehicles and accessories to provide you the best solution for personnel mobility in the field and at facilities.

Fight fire with fire

  • Maintain rapid mobility during field operations
  • Versatility for on and off-road situations
  • Rugged suspension gets you over tough terrain
  • Customize EZRAIDER to meet the needs of your department
  • EZRAIDER trailer or “E-cart” can carry over 500 pounds of gear
  • Easy to maintain, easy to transport
  • Extended battery pack option to keep you up and running all day
  • Robotics accessory for remote control operations
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