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Golf Rack



Add new excitement to your game with EZRaider’s golf-accessorized vehicle. With no engine to turn on and off, easy transitions between standing or sitting, no emissions and no noise, the EZRaider for golfing represents the next generation of transportation on the course.


It's tee time

Love golf but want it to be a little more exciting?  We got what you need at EZRAIDER.   

Our vehicles were designed to surf the land and are easy to learn and operate.  When you feel the torque of silent electric motors there will be no going back to gas!   

The EZRAIDER design makes mounting and dismounting easy and smooth.  Our specialized golf bag mount can hold your irons in the back as you rush from hole to hole.  Ride up, step off, grab your club, take your swing, hop back on and go.  All you need to do to park is step off the machine.   

Yeah, it’s that EZ.   

Cool factor like no other

EZRAIDER is head-turning new tech that gets attention! As a matter of fact, one of the only real challenges with this vehicle is how difficult it can be to get anywhere with so many people coming up to ask you about your ride.   

If you like looking good on the course, you’re going to love EZRAIDER! 


  • Silent, fast and clean 
  • Accessory available to carry your golf bag 
  • EZ to mount and dismount 
  • Compact and EZ to transport  
  • Cool factor, Check.
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