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The ultimate hunting vehicle

Ever try driving a loud quad into the mountains, only to scare away the game and have to hike further in to hunt? What if instead you could get to your favorite hunting grounds silently and reliably – with a trailer capable of hauling an entire elk back to your car? Yeah, EZRaider can do that.

Tow on any terrain

Connect an E-cart to our HD4 vehicle and you will be riding a 6WD beast capable of hauling a combined 1000 lbs.  There is plenty of weight capacity for gear and game and the E-cart’s addition of a second 3000-watt battery provides extra power for your day.   

Add on everything you like - it fits

Customize your EZRAIDER to create the perfect off-road set-up for your hunt.   

We designed our vehicles to allow for maximum versatility to meet the needs of the individual.  Start with our handle guard and skid plate accessories, then add your own favorite accessories from your favorite vendors.  EZRAIDER’s electrical wiring even has extra un-used connections for the addition of powered accessories.   


  • Rugged and capable 
  • Versatile and dynamic 
  • Silent and nimble to get you closer to the game  
  • Customizable  
  • Cargo weight capacity enough for both game and gear 
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