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EZRAIDER is on the beach and nobody is going to want to go back to quads!   

For beach patrol, rescue and transport, this is the new machine to roll out for next summer’s swimming season.   

EZRAIDER is silent, emission-free, compact, rugged and capable of passage through narrow access points.   

Old technologies like quads are dangerous, loud and smell bad from their emissions. Even worse, they are often designed to break so dealerships make extra money fixing them.  Why bother with old, dirty and corrupt when you can have fast, clean, silent integrity.  Go EZRAIDER, you will never look back.

On the beach

EZRAIDER “surfs” the beach like nothing you have experienced before and easily climbs over obstacles like logs and curbs.   

Need to get somewhere fast?  Throw your HD4 into high gear and feel the torque of 1200W brushless motors quickly accelerating you to 28 MPH.   

In a crowd and need to power down the drive?  No problem, we have a setting for that as well.   

Haul anything, everywhere

Need to haul gear and a stretcher with your EZRAIDER?  You are going to love the E-cart, our pull-behind trailer with its own motors and battery.  Hook the E-cart to our HD4 vehicle and you get a 6WD rescue vehicle that can be modified with a stretcher for fast transport of an injured swimmer to an ambulance across any terrain.  You can see how this works on this link – EZRAIDER RESCUE VIDEO 


  • Clean, quiet and stable 
  • Next generation beach tech 
  • Rugged and capable of both beach and street use 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Low cost of use 
  • Company and easy to transport and store  
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