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Made for special forces

EZRAIDER was initially developed in Israel for frontline and operational troop mobility.  EZRAIDER is now in use by both Israeli and US Special Forces.  Countries around the world are taking notice.   

EZRAIDER has a simple design that makes it ideal for use in the field and at base.   


Military grade

EZRAIDER is versatile, rugged and adaptable.  It can fold down in seconds for transport or concealment and has options for extended battery capacity.   

Specialized accessories allow for a second rider as well as trailer cargo capacity in the self-propelled E-cart.  

New capabilities in the battlefield

EZRAIDER is changing the game in troop mobility 

This vehicle will change the way soldiers maneuver on the battlefield by empowering them with exceptional striking distance across rugged terrain – all with a silent electric device weighing under 300 lbs.   

Fast and capable of getting in and out of difficult terrain, EZRAIDER upgrades troop mobility from foot speed and distance capabilities to a radius of many miles of territory.   


  • Designed to be military tough 
  • Originally built for the Israeli military 
  • Game-changing technology for troop mobility and striking distance 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Easy to repair 
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