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We spend so much time talking about all of the functionality of EZRaider that we sometimes forget to mention that it is simply exhilarating to ride and great for adventures! You can conquer any terrain while talking with your friends and breathing fresh air. What is in your plans next weekend? Are mountains, beaches, golf courses, trails, dunes, fields, back-roads, deserts, canyons or other wild places on your playlist? We got you covered.



EZRaider is the new stable and safe car alternative with up to 1000 lbs of load capacity for urban use.  Weighing in at a fraction of the weight of a car or truck and offering superior stability and safety compared to 2-wheelers, EZRaider gives you the best of both worlds.  (Local and state laws apply, check your jurisdiction for traffic laws that may affect your local street-use options)

Obstacles ? what's that ?

Stairs ? no problem

Curbs ? where ?

The EZRAIDER can smooth every terrain like no other vehicle.

With high clearance, large tires, and the ability to climb and descend, no city obstacle is in your way.

Can your scooter do that? didn’t think so.

Ride like the wind, it’s EZ.


The EZRAIDER was developed to take us to all those places we find hard to access.

At EZRAIDER we believe that nothing is impossible and that through use of technology and innovation we can achieve almost anything. This is the driving force that led us to develop the reliable and durable futuristic mobility vehicle that will get you anywhere you need to go.

The EZRAIDER is an Israeli invention that today is used in for tourism, civil and homeland security, extreme outdoor activities and personal mobility worldwide.

With a lightweight of 95 kg, up to 130 kg this sophisticated four-wheel electric vehicle can speed up to 35 to 45 kph with a drive range of up to 40 to 80 km on a full battery charge. The EZRAIDER can be used Standing or Sitting, and accommodate even 2 people and carry maximum 200 kg.


  • Fits every sidewalk with ease
  • Easy to loan/unload into a vehicle
  • Jump on/off sidewalks and curbs
  • Climb stairs with ease
  • Carry your groceries with the attached luggage carrier (sold separately)
  • Stand above the rest
  • Perfect for night rides with the included LED’s
  • Cruise on any terrain
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