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EZRAIDER rugged design is a game changer for search and rescue.
EZRAIDER was originally created for reliable personnel transport in frontline, off-road operations. Its proprietary suspension provides for exceptionally capable travel over rough terrain while the narrow profile allows riders to travel on small paths and get through challenging passages.

EZRaider E-cart – Accessorize for rescue

The E-cart can be modified to carry a stretcher for rescue operations. It has 1 or 2 additional batteries as well as its own smart propulsion system. When the E-cart is connected the EZRAIDER HD4, riders have a 6×6 drive system capable of hauling a combined 1000 lbs over most any terrain. Its low center of gravity makes it exceptionally stable and safe for riders compared to many other options on the market.
You can see the E-cart in action in this video clip of a mock off-road rescue with a stretcher

Awareness above all

Observe and listen while riding the EZRAIDER in silence. The electric motors allow riders to remain aware of their environment and capable of listening for cries for help, unforeseen dangers and much more.  EZRAIDER platform makes it so you don’t have to choose between sitting and standing, instead making it easy to switch between positions while riding.  A search and rescue operator can stand up to get visuals on terrain and watch for rescue targets, sit down to ride hard, then stand back up again anytime.  No other vehicle platform can give riders this level of flexibility and awareness while riding.


  • Rugged and capable – made for hard terrain
  • Equipment options for extended battery range
  • Accessorize for off-road rescue operations
  • Safe and stable, will never roll over on top of riders
  • Wherever EZRAIDER has clearance, EZRAIDER has mobility
  • Narrow profile gives EZRAIDER access
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