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Security / Law enforcement

EZRAIDER Security / Law enforcement

Law enforcement and security technology needs are rapidly changing in today’s world. EZRAIDER gives officers the ability to silently patrol areas with mixed vehicle accessibility, cover miles of distance in a short amount of time, mount and dismount easily and much more. EZRAIDER has a standard accessory kit for security and law enforcement as well as options to customize vehicles to meet any need.

Reliable & versatile

EZRAIDER was originally designed for frontline military troop mobility.

To be used for such a purpose, a vehicle must be reliable in the field, simplified in its design, versatile, rugged and relatively easy to repair. In any environment where cars are too big but bicycles and Segways are too small, EZRAIDER will get officers, agents and gear where they need to go.

Nothing compares to this

Just look at an EZRAIDER next to any other foot patrol options and you will see why they are the new leader in micromobility.

Quads? Too unstable, loud and difficult to mount and dismount! Quads roll over on people.

Segway? Too dangerous and no cargo capacity!

Bicycle? Limited cargo capacity, easy to steal!

Key Elements

  • Versatile
  • Silent
  • Security accessories available
  • Easy to transport
  • Quick & nimble
  • Fully customizable
  • Easily maneuverable through difficult access points
  • Easy mount & dismount for flexibility in the field
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