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Tours & Activities operators

EZRAIDER tours are taking the world by storm.

Everyone wants to enjoy nature on a quiet, eco-friendly, electric off-roader.

It’s EZ to learn how to ride, and our vehicles provide long range to enjoy amazing trips.



The EZRAIDER can go where no other vehicle can go, and make it look EZ.

It’s the closest thing to an electric horse.

Climb the mountains, surf the sand, shred some gravel, have fun.


It's the future

Running a tour company ?

Think of the endless fun and possibilities you can provide for your guests.

Become a part of the next generation of electric all-terrain vehicles.

Thinking of opening a business ?

Reach out and our team will show you how.

EZRAIDER will also provide you with a subscription to our rental & tour operator software to make your business as turn-key as possible.


Great Investment

The EZRAIDER platform is so well built, your on-going expenses are nothing compared to high maintenance, gas guzzling, noisy “regular” atv’s or utv’s.

With multiple tour companies already in operation in cities like Tel-aviv, Amsterdam, Budapest and exotic places like Aruba and Hawaii, you simply can’t go wrong.

Watch our partners in Azerbaijan here.

Perfect for tours & activites

  • EZ to learn how to ride (Short safety briefing)
  • Extremely low cost of operation
  • Available parts and EZ replacement
  • Quiet, eco-friendly, low ground impact
  • Speed can be limited to 10 miles per hour or less
  • More stable than a quad
  • Eats a lot less then a horse
  • Do the math, it’s EZ
  • Fastest ROI in the business
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