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We spend so much time talking about all of the functionality of EZRaider that we sometimes forget to mention that it is simply exhilarating to ride and great for adventures!  You can conquer any terrain while talking with your friends and breathing fresh air.  What’s in your plans for next weekend?  Are mountains, beaches, golf courses, trails, dunes, fields, back-roads, deserts, canyons or other wild places on your playlist?  We got you covered.

I mean, have you seen our video of EZRaider articulating over that rock field?!  If not, seriously, you gotta check this out.

Enjoy the silence

Ever try driving a loud quad into the mountains, only to scare away the game and have to hike further in to hunt? What if instead you could get to your favorite hunting grounds silently and reliably – with a trailer capable of hauling an entire elk back to your car? Yeah, EZRaider can do that.

Fishing on the weekend? Take an EZRaider and an E-cart to your favorite remote location. Bring all the gear as well! Who said fishing camp has to lack in comfort? Our “little” trailer can haul everything you need for your adventure.

Whole family fun

EZRaider is safe and fun for the whole family.  Adults who love to ride hard can go in high-power mode to rip it up on the trails and beaches.  Older kids can safely operate EZRaider after minimal training.  Elders and people with disabilities can finally join the rest of the family to adventure in natural places they never could get to in the past.

EZRaider brings the whole family together for all-new levels of access in the great outdoors – and the best part is being able to have normal conversations while riding!

IT'S the weekend

  • Beach & Dune – When riding on a beach or sand dune it feels like surfing the land.
  • Snow – The HD4 absolutely rips it up in the snow (make sure you have the mud guards!).
  • Trail – Trail riding can be anything from a slow, casual ride while talking to the family to a high-speed and dynamic power ride. You can catch air off jumps, go over logs and roots, power slide around corners and probably all sorts of new things we haven’t even thought of yet.
  • Off-road – Take EZRaider off-trail and see what new challenges there are to conquer.
  • Hunting/Fishing – Ride your silent EZRaider right up to your hunting spot.
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